Bailey is a sweetheart! We asked Naomi for a dog with a joyful and gentle personality. Bailey is all of this and so much more – sociable and very intelligent as well. A real gentle giant!

[ Ingrid ]


Our house was filled with an overflowing love and excitement the day Tanka and Ponyo joined our family!  They are the most beautiful dogs inside and out.


Ponyo, our little girl and beauty, is a social butterfly! She never misses a thing! She is very playful and active. She also has a sensitive side as we noticed she plays more calmly with our youngest daughter of 3. She would lay calmly on her lap, just enjoying the company and cuddles.


Tanka is our little gentle giant! He is very considerate and highly intelligent. He still needs to grow into his large paws and beautiful thick fluffy coat. He loves playing with our children, running with them excitedly and sometimes even gives a bark.


Naomi is a wonderful breeder. She handled everything so professionally and has a wealth of knowledge, being a vet herself. One could quickly see that she has a great love for her dogs…they live the best life! Naomi is a down to earth person and we felt very privileged to receive pups from such an esteemed breeder.

[ Louvina ]


Olivia is just an absolute blessing to us! She is absolutely gorgeous with the sweetest personality. She is wonderful with little children, very easy to train, and happiest when she is receiving lots of hugs and kisses!!

Naomi was and is a pleasure to work with. She knows the breed very well and because she is also a vet, I trust the advice and guidance she so easily gives. She provided a lot of support even after we bought Olivia from her, which we really appreciate! We will definitely be buying our next Berner puppy from Naomi as well!

[ Berdine ]


I had the most wonderful experience with Naomi, she is so understanding, eager to help and was very willing to send photos of my baby every 5 seconds.

My boy, Sully, is insanely beautiful! He has a gorgeous loving personality, he is completely unfazed by most things and actually has a witty sense of humor.

We couldn't be happier or more in love with him. I definitely hope, in a few years time, to get another Wolwehoff puppy.

[ Kristal ]


The Wolwehoff Bernese Mountain Dog Kennel has been absolutely amazing during the process of buying and adopting my new puppy, Griffin. Naomi constantly kept me updated by sending videos and pictures of my new puppy, along with regular updates on his health. He was finally flown to Johannesburg International Airport where we collected him at 8 weeks of age. Naomi is a qualified vet so you can be sure that honest reports are being sent on a regular basis. 

We are so in love with Griffin. I would highly recommend the Wolwehoff Kennel if you would like to buy and adopt a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy.

[ Jade ]


I met Naomi through a reference from another breeder. From the very first time I sent her a message she was helpful and friendly. Every time I checked in she was so gentle and patient with me and all my questions. Her passion and love for the breed came through so strong that it even made me more excited!

When our Labrador (Bella) passed away and I shared my story with Naomi, she shared in our sadness. She said: "Don’t worry - I promise you will get a puppy in my next litter".

On my birthday and by chance on a surprise weekend away in George, I saw the pictures of this litter. I thought that is must be an April fools joke...but thought to check with her and just there I got the big YES! You are getting a puppy!

From there it was just the best experience I could ask for! We received frequent updates, had the best journey in getting to know the little ones, and then the day came where we could choose one! Naomi guided me gently, but never forced anything on us. We easily chose the yellow collar puppy, Panda.

It felt like forever before the big day arrived to fetch little Panda from the airport. Naomi guided me through the whole day with advice and words of calm.

Panda adjusted very quickly to her new family! We could not get enough of this giant little baby with the best personality. We are looking forward to a lifetime of joy, laughter, friendship and some tears!

Thanks Naomi for everything, and for sharing the joy of the Bernese family with us!

[ Celeste ]

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